About Us

Dreamlok.com is an eCommerce website where all Resellers sell their products online in all over india. Not only for resellers also we are providing the best products on the best rates for buyers online.

Specially we are working on the best water products for all people because of their health benefits. Most of the people is not aware till now about their health but we will try to make their focus towards their own health so that they can keep distance with some kind of disease which usually happens from bad water or low ph level water without minerals. Besides this we will try to work on every products for unemployed people also where they can join us and do their work online or they can work for us through marketing or others.


Dreamlok.com is a sole proprietor  business which is founded by its proprietor :-

1- Mr. Shobhit Garg (Founder of Dreamlok)

We are working on two critical issues in our country– First Unemployment then second Health.

I am very confident about Dreamlok.com where we can provide the best services and best products related to the health of our Indian people. We will surely provide the marketing , sales and different types of jobs to the unemployed people specially those who are uneducated and suffers for their daily needs.

Dreamlok.com would be the best option/platform in Future for all people like Resellers , Buyers , Unemployed.

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